​Jayden has been on a journey to spread kindness

​From The Bottom Of My Heart, To The Bottom Of Yours, 

anything you can do to help is appreciated and will help me keep moving forward on my journey to bring kindness around the world.

Jayden’s Journey

Below is a list of Jayden's completed missions. He has quite a journey. Since the age of 8, Jayden has been spreading kindness. From helping the people, children and pets after the hurricane struck Puerto Rico and Florida. Jayden has also been a motivator speaker on Anti-bullying. Being bullied himself at the age of 5, he did not like how it felt therefore he started spreading awareness.  He has spoken in two schools including his to bring awareness. He has been awarded an award from our town Mayor and was named as our Hometown Hero. He has received numerous awards, certificates, medals, trophies and the Flag from Puerto Rico for his philanthropist work.  Jayden has also appeared on several News channels, radio stations, magazines, newspapers and social media. He was a guest at The Kelley Clarkson show in 2019.  He is an Alumi of Kidbox where he served as a Kids Board of Directors in 2018.  Also Keller Williams gave Jayden a trophy and announced him as The Keller Williams Young Leadership Award.  Jayden has also designed his own shirt called From The Bottom of My Heart which became the Logo for his 501c Non-Profit Organization.  He is the Cofounder of his non profit.  He wanted to sell the shirts so he can give a 3 year old whom lost her father to gun violence and give her and her mother all the proceeds because they were living in a hotel. Jayden sold over $1,520. Jayden hopes to inspire the young generation and make a difference. He wants to continue changing the world with one good act of kindness at a time.

Jayden's Journey:

Sep 2017 Donated Food, supplies, toiletries, etc to the people in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria destroyed the island.

Dec 2017 did a toy drive and collected 1,100 toys for the children in Puerto Rico.

Jan 2018 travelled to Puerto Rico to hand deliver the toys to the children.

Mar 2018 used birthday money to buy dog, cat and rooster food for the abandoned animals in Puerto Rico.

June 2018 collected and bought baby food to help a nonprofit organization called Spoiled Brats Give Back send to the babies in Puerto Rico.

June 2018 was selected to be a Kids Board of Directors for Kidbox. He learned about leadership, giving and bullying.  He designed an Anti-Bullying shirt.

Aug 2018 collected and bought Lanterns to send to several churches in Puerto Rico because September is hurricane season.

Sept 2018 designed a shirt with his Logo called From The Bottom of My Heart to help raise money to help a 3 yrs old girl and her mom whom were living in a hotel.  He collected $1,520 and gave it all to them. 

Oct 2018 flew to PR to hand deliver to the children $10,000 worth of clothes donated from KidBox.

Oct 2018 collected and donated food, supplies, toiletries, dog and cat food to the people in Florida after hurricane Michael.

Oct 2018 received 4 shirts of his Anti-Bullying designed at Kidbox and announced in social media to send him inspiring bullying stories to win one of his shirts.

Oct. 2018 was a motivational speaker at his school Beatriz Gilmore to inspire and bring awareness on no bullying.

Oct. 2018 helped an 8 year old boy from Arizona NJ whom was constantly getting bullied.  Jayden called the school and stopped him from ever getting bullied again.

Nov. 2018 was a motivational speaker at Vineland Elementary school to inspire and bring awareness on no bullying.

Dec 2018 bought and collected pajamas for kids in shelters.

Jan 2019 bought and collected hats and gloves for kids in Pre-schools and shelters.

Feb 2019 was a motivational speaker at Keller Williams conventional center in New Orleans.  Spoke in front of 17,000 people.

Feb 2019 helped his local library make sleeping mats out of plastic bags for the homeless.

March 2019 bought and collected and made 75 Easter Baskets for the less fortunate children in the community and shelters.

April 2019 volunteered with others to help clean the community park.  Dozen of trash bags was picked up that day.

April 2009 did a video to offer three winners Easter baskets with gift cards if they send their good deed stories to him.  Only the 3 most inspiring stories will win.

May 2019 Jayden bought 160 flowers and visited the cemetery of fallen veterans on Veterans day and honored the soldiers with a flower on each grave.  He would salute each grave when placing the flower.

June 2019 Jayden became an Ambassador for our community public library and he volunteers every Friday after school to help the library.

June 2019 did a video and posted Jayden’s Be Kind Challenge.  He was looking for 3 top Be Kind stories.  3 gift cards were given.

August 2019 Jayden became an Ambassador for Giving Tuesday where he continues to spread kindness and helps the less fortunate.

August 2019 collect and bought back packs and filled them up with school supplies for the less fortunate in his community, other towns and shelters. He’s gave out 419 backpacks filled with school supplies.

December 2019 Jayden collected and shipped Toys to the children in Puerto Rico after hearing they suffered several earthquakes and shipped toys to an orphanages in the Bahamas for the children after hearing they suffered a hurricane.

March 2020 Jayden collected and donated dog and cat food to the animals living in Clifton Animal shelter.  He also donated $120 of his money received from his birthday for the pets to get shots. 

March 2020, with the epidemic of the Corona Virus Jayden bought and donated over 1,500 hand sanitizers to his local school district, public library, police department, fire department and many residents that reached out in need.  Family, friends and neighbors also received some.

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