Philanthropy, Spreading Kindness

Spreading Kindness

By Jayden Perez

Since the age of 8, Jayden Perez has been spreading kindness by helping children, families, pets and his community with clothes, food, toys, Easter baskets, backpacks, school supplies and much more. With the pandemic of Covid-19 hitting nationwide he was forced to keep a social distance. But that has not stopped Jayden from helping those in need. He decided to do more especially in this desperate time of need after Covid-19. He has gone on and beyond to keep his community safe by purchasing 1,500 hand sanitizers and giving them out to his local three school districts, Library, Police department, fire department and people in need. He also started collecting face mask and gloves to help NJ and NY hospitals in need. He also wanted to learn how to make the face mask and so he purchased a sewing machine and with the help of his mother will start making face mask for people in need and people in his community. We can’t just stay still said Jayden, now more than ever everyone has to come together and help spread some kindness.​


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Spreading Kindness
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